EKB | Do you guys reface? No! Why not?
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Do you guys reface? No! Why not?

Well it is simply a matter or labor, a matter of updating and upgrading and a matter of money.  Let us start with money. In this area, refacing often costs well north of $7000.00 and we routinely see quotes north of $13,000.00  Often times, as in the case of refacing, if we replace simply what is there and are not doing major construction work, it is usually similarly priced and faster to  simply replace.  In addition to time and speed, you receive new cabinets, new drawers, better hardware and a more specialized fit.  The other part is that most clients want to bring their kitchen up to current standards with molding, trim, islands, sizing for new appliances, more ergonomic friendly options and just want to enjoy the overall fit and finish of actual new cabinetry versus a bunch of new doors and glued on veneers.  For us, our time is best spent installing new cabinetry.

The proof is in the quotes; I promise you will be shocked when you hear how expensive refacing actually is.